Property Cost Recovery

Are you missing out on hidden property account savings?

If we don’t find you money, there’s no fee

We’ll analyse the last five years of your property costs.

We’ll see if your charges were in line with the amounts that you agreed.

And we’ll make sure you’re making the most of any reliefs, payments or historic savings you’re entitled to.

How we reconcile rents:

  • Checking amounts paid and charged were correct
  • Pointing out any missed rent-free periods
  • Identifying duplicate payments
  • Seeking out unclaimed concessions
  • Making sure sub-tenants and licensees were charged correctly.

How we sort out service charges:

  • Checking amounts paid and charged were correct
  • Looking at provisions, to make sure they were followed
  • Considering any caps or concessions
  • Correcting payment periods and miscalculations.

How we review non-domestic rates:

  • Making sure rateable values were right
  • Confirming all correct relief has been claimed
  • Investigating interest and tax credit calculations
  • Determining whether the right dates were applied

We’ll recover money you might have missed.

And because we charge on a contingency basis, almost everything we recover will be paid back to you.

If we don’t recover anything, we won’t even charge a fee.